Living a Fully Optimized Life

The latest and greatest book from Jay and Daniel is out! Clocking in at 163 easy-to-read pages, this is the end-all, be-all guide to optimizing every part of your life from head to toe—and now, heart, with an all-new chapter devoted to spirituality.

Guaranteed Shredded

If you took the principles from The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and turned them up to 11, you’d have Guaranteed Shredded. This blistering-fast guide to maximum fat loss in minimum time will drop your body fat lower than you ever thought possible.

The TOT Bible

This is it: the book which sparked the revolution! Tipping the scales at over 600 pages, The TOT Bible is full to the brim with all the raw knowledge you could ever want on testosterone and TOT, backed up by scientific studies in the footnotes of every page.

The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet

After decades of trial and error, the ultimate fat loss protocol is here. The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet is the last resource you’ll ever need for fully-optimizing your body’s fat-burning ability, covering everything from your energy levels to preserving muscle and improving mental focus.

How to Optimize Your Metabolism and Customize Your Diet Based On Your DNA

Join 3x International Best Selling Author Jay Campbell and Mayo Clinic Researcher and Author of Estrogeneration Dr. Anthony Jay as they present a monthly premium webinar series teaching you how to FULLY OPTIMIZE your health and wellness by optimizing your metabolism through understanding your DNA.

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