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Success Story


“I started following and working with Jay after seeing him discuss his books on twitter, and picked up the TOT Bible. I was blown away at his depth of knowledge and level of detail, supported by study after study.

After seeing the level of material Jay was putting out, I also picked up “Metabolic Blow Torch Diet”, and it was at the same level, mind blowing info. I could go to a hundred doctors or trainers and not get the same level of knowledge.

Jay’s personal help and coaching gave me a huge jump start in getting my testosterone optimization dialed in! As you can see, it worked exactly as he told me it would!”

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Alchemical Mastery Program

$1997 / per month (6-month commitment)

If you are looking to become the very best version of yourself and an alchemical master, keep reading…
Whether you’re training for a fitness competition, trying to shed fat or gain muscle as fast as possible, or you’re struggling with your hormonal optimization protocol, I can help you.
If you’re looking to raise your vibration by becoming more aware, compassionate, calm, caring, kind, loving and fully empowered, I can help you.
If you want help creating the most elite optimization protocol possible, dramatically elevating every level of your performance for the rest of your life, I can help you.
My Mastery program is for intermediate and advanced fitness levels only.
  • Complete training program designed by Jay with detailed weekly workout protocols, exercise photos & videos (when needed), and zero guesswork.
  • Detailed weekly and monthly meal plans and supplement recommendations completely customized based on your life-work travel situation.Total guidance on advanced biohacking techniques like fasting, autophagy, hormesis, ketosis, smart drugs, hormones, adaptogens, blood testing, and anything else to maximize your results
  • Complete guidance on biomarker analysis and testing of your blood lipids and cholesterol markers, inflammation, thyroid panel, nutrients, minerals, liver, kidney, performance, reproductive and metabolic hormones.
  • Initial 60 minute one-on-one video consult with Jay, followed up with a regular 45 Minute Monthly Video Call, unlimited daily e-mail and text support, to answer your questions and provide full support at any time.
  • Connections to Jay’s personally recommended physicians, health care practitioners, and alternative healers.
  • Full access to Jay’s entire library of books, webinars and private emails.

This is an 6-month minimum program, with discounted options available for 1 or 2 year packages.

“If you coach with me for one year and follow my instruction to the letter, I will guarantee you become the greatest version of yourself from every measurable angle. This will include full control over your mental, physical and spiritual bodies. You will become a living master in physical form capable of maintaining a state of grace and neutrality in the face of any obstacle in your path.”

Jay Campbell

If you and your spouse/partner want to do this together, you get additional Coaching from my wife Monica Campbell

If you’re interested in combined Spouse/Partner Optimization, send us an email with subject line ‘Spouse/Partner Coaching’ and we’ll respond with more instructions.

After you leave your deposit for one on one coaching, Jay will personally contact you within 48 hours to set up an introductory video call.

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