The Link Between Hormones and Eye Health & Improving Our Eye-Brain Connection w/Dr. Sam Berne

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

July 10th, 2018

Good eye health goes way beyond eating carrots, and we have to pay attention to it. Is there any connection between metabolic imbalances and eye issues? How does this affect a diabetic person? Can eye issues be prevented, or even reversed? On this episode, Dr. Sam Berne shares how he solves countless eye issues and why it’s possible to actually do so, even when a condition is genetic.

You can improve your eye health naturally at any age.  -Dr. Sam Berne

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At the start of the show, Dr. Sam shares how he got started focusing on eye health and how he cured his own eye issues. We also talked about what makes up an eye-healthy diet, and some of the biggest myths in eye care. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how vision problems are actually rooted in the brain. We also discussed:

  • How BDMF can improve your optic nerve health
  • Nutritional ways to improve eyesight
  • The power of natural healing through grounding and earthing

Vision problems aren’t rooted in the conventional aspects of the physical– they are rooted in the brain. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of doctors delving into this and looking at how eyesight and vision can be improved or repaired. As a result, a lot of people think their issues are genetic and can never change. However, utilizing nutrition, fitness, and overall health can absolutely have a positive impact.   Guest Bio Dr. Sam Berne has been in private practice in New Mexico for over 25 years and where he works with patients to improve their vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. He has been awarded The Special Awards for Service from the Behavioral Optometrists in Mexico for his innovative and holistic work with children. To get in touch with Dr. Berne or learn more, go to To learn how to fully optimize your health and life, read the Amazon best-seller The TOT Bible. TOT Bible by Jay Campbell and Jim Brown To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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