The Harm of Aromatase Inhibition aka Blocking Estrogen w/Dr. Scott Howell

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Scott Howell, Ph.D here.

It has been well-researched and even well-documented that the inhibition of estrogen is detrimental and even dangerous to men’s health. 

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The problem is, we still have many people using and just as many doctors prescribing aromatase inhibitor medications. 

The majority of information on aromatase inhibition originates from ‘bro science’ and the bodybuilding subculture.

This is harmful in so many ways, and it is damaging to biological systems on so many levels.

Why is blocking estrogen while on therapeutic testosterone so harmful? 

Why is this still such a problem in the clinical community?

How is the inhibition of aromatase causing so many problems for male health? 

In this episode, I’m joined by leading androgen researcher and Tier1 Health and Wellness Research Director, Dr. Scott Howell who shares a presentation and gives his professional, expert opinion on the harm being done to men when blocking their estrogen.

The body has a failsafe mechanism which is the aromatase enzyme. The benefits of TOT are modulated by estradiol.

-Scott Howell 


3 Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • What actually happens to our biological tissue when we knock out the androgen receptor
  • Why blocking estrogen is actually the cause for many deaths in the bodybuilding community
  • The 6 forms of androgen toxicity 

Three Takeaways:

Any time the aromatase enzyme function is interfered with, the body’s normal adaptive hypertrophy is exacerbated. 

Estradiol is neuro-protective and essential for the integrity survival of dopamine neurons and mood stabilization.

It’s also essential and vitally protective of the immune and cardiovascular system.

The side effects of estrogen should be managed outside of the estradiol.  

There is so much mind blowing information released in this podcast, I’m going to be sending a concise summary to my email list on Tuesday April 28th.

Here are just a few points:

  • High Estrogen Symptoms are a myth and caused by a psychogenic manifestation in the majority of Men using aromatase inhibitor medications
  • The Water Retention caused by Therapeutic Testosterone will level out within 4-6 weeks with modulation of diet(reduction in carbs and sodium and living a lower inflammatory lifestyle(reducing body fat)
  • The Renin Angiotensin system is responsible for much of the pathology in AAS using body builders
  • Symptoms felt or experienced by Men are actually caused by the concomitant usage of T and AI’s together
  • When the aromatase enzyme is knocked out (from AI usage) you get vascular pathway damage (angiotensin II pathological remodeling occurs with diffuse collagen infiltration to the heart and arteries)
  • When we look at androgen induced hypertension, there are two main culprits for cardiac pathology and bodybuilders, uncontrolled hypertension caused by elevated angiotensin II levels and low estradiol levels due to blocking the aromatase enzyme

  • If you are a competitive supra physiologic dosage using body builder, you must use an Ace Inhibitor medication 
  • The 4 Main Reasons Aspiring & Pro Bodybuilders are dropping dead young are  1)Cardiac pathology that is caused by chronic strain because of pressure or volume overload through uncontrolled hypertension 2)The second reason, chronic aromatase inhibition that prevents to counter the pathological hypertrophy and collagen remodeling by binding to ER beta. ER beta is where collagen infiltration occurs, but also ER alpha because there’s protective effects there 3)The third residual cardiac strain back hearing, 50 to a hundred pounds more than your genetic set point of weight and meeting the tissue oxygenation or requirements of this unnatural amount of tissue on a daily basis, 4)Resistance training. Resistance training will produce an athlete heart, but with supra-physiologic anabolic steroids, all the literature suggests it exacerbates the effect. So the heart enlargement will be even more pronounced

Guest Bio

Scott Howell, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, Center for Clinical Research.

He is an epidemiologist, exercise physiologist and mechanical engineer with research interests in the long-term safety of therapeutic androgen use, endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure, and preventative medicine.

For more information send an email to showell@tier1hw.com or call 423.417.1700  

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Scott Howell, Ph.D here.

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