How to Pursue Your Greater Truth & Influence Your Tribe w/Tobi Abegunde

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

September 11th, 2017

Propaganda has been weaponized to affect the mindsets of certain communities. How do we rise above this and connect with our own truth? How does living a positive life influence other people? Why is being fit a form of rebellion against the system? On this episode, Tobi Abegunde talks about how he turned his life around, and how he pursues his truth.

I look at fitness as a scaffolding for my life. Once you have the discipline and the scaffolding, you don’t want to lose it. -Tobi Abegunde

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At the start of the show, Tobi shared on his fitness and health journey, and how the decisions he made impacted people around him. Next, we talked about how the media is shaping opinions of masculinity and how men and women aren’t connecting anymore. We also talked about how propaganda has been weaponized, and finding your inner knowing. We also discussed;

  • How networks and information drive everything
  • The ripple effect of discipline
  • How we can tap into the power within
  • How technology has transformed the flows of information

The media is actively shaping human opinions, and what we need is a consistent and energetic minority to shift the thinking. Thanks to technology, the flows of information have been transformed so it’s possible for people to learn the truth and live by it. We are very powerful beings with ability to tap into ourselves and find the inner wisdom and strength we need. Remember it’s all about finding what personally resonates with you. If you ask yourself questions and seek answers from inner knowing, you can change everything. Guest Bio To get in touch with Tobi, email or follow him on Twitter @tobilerone. To Get on the waiting list for your FREE COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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