What is Really Going on in the World Right Now – Jay Campbell interviews Magenta Pixie

http://youtu.be/ilC8ImUoomA This week I am joined by Magenta Pixie, the incredibly talented author behind “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame”, “Masters of the Matrix” and several other highly insightful books on truth and awareness aka WHAT IS. Magenta does incredible work channeling a higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as ‘The White Winged Collective Consciousness […]

How to Fight the Spiritual Battle Against Human Life w/Dr. Jim Meehan

Behind the health deficiencies, chemical disruptions and hormonal imbalances that we’re seeing in our society, is a nefarious, evil and demonic force that’s out to destroy human life. We are waged in a spiritual warfare against these forces. What are the activities of these forces in the healthcare system? How do we become empowered and […]

Effective Hormone Balancing for Female Patients with Maryann Simpson

Women are just as much in need of hormone optimization, and they’re practitioners who actually know what they are doing. Who is a good candidate for hormone optimization? What are the best protocols for optimizing women’s hormones? How do we ensure that optimization is something we can implement? On this episode, I’m joined by Bioidentical […]

Changing the Paradigm Shift of Hormone Optimization – Part 2 – The Tier 1 Mission w/Dr Keith Nichols & Dr Scott Howell with Dr Keith Nichols & Dr Scott Howell

There are many hurdles and roadblocks getting in the way of quality optimization reaching the patients who need it. How is a lack of physician awareness contributing to this issue? What are the mechanisms that interfere with androgen metabolism and distribution in the body? On Part 2 of this episode, Dr. Keith Nichols and Dr. […]

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