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Cut Out Fear’s Noise: It’s Time to Listen to our Inner Selves w/Erica Swenson Elliott

In a world where information is hurtling towards us from every direction, it can get a little difficult to pinpoint what’s right.

However, if we look within ourselves, we’ll always find the answers.

How can we get better at hearing what our Higher selves are telling us?

Is there a way to get connected with our inner voices if we’ve never tried to do so before?

In this episode, author, artist and advisor, Erica Swenson Elliott shares how to solve all our ailments by listening to the voice within.

Fear can kill you, if you don’t figure out a way to calm it down. –Erica Swenson Elliott

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to access the information within our DNA
    Our very DNA is full of information about us, but how can we even begin to understand it all?
  2. Why we need to stop resisting change
    Our souls want to evolve, so why are so many people in the third dimension so resistant to it?
  3. How trauma can impact our memories
    Could experiencing some kind of trauma actually be helpful in terms of remembering our past?

Guest Bio- 

Erica Swenson Elliott, like many of us, is an evolving soul.

Despite beginning this particular journey’s chapter as a CPA tax accountant with a Masters in Taxation, she is an author and artist at heart.

She finds great joy in creating order from chaos, making art and drawing inspiration through writing.

Where others are dizzy with numbers, she sees clarity and creates profitable, practical magic.

Erica’s earliest memories were falling in love with numbers, words, and drawing.

All symbols pointing us along the mystical journey of life.

She encourages everyone to follow and recognize their unique diverse gifts, no matter how many they carry.

Yes, you too are a multi-layered human being!

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