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What makes Coaching with Jay Campbell different from other online coaching programs?



Jay Campbell: After we go through our initial discovery session I will gather all the details about your lifestyle (personal & professional) to create a custom workout, nutrition & most importantly, consciousness enhancement program built specifically for you. My program will fit your individual lifestyle and be sustainable forever.

Other Coaches: A cookie cutter plan that they send out to all their clients with a diet template that is built once and then mass distributed without factoring in lifestyle or social needs.

Jay Campbell: Your nutrition plan is built around maintaining an insulin controlled lifestyle. I want you to be able to eat foods you love. I will educate you on how to create a nutrition and eating plan that includes foods most coaches will prevent you from consuming. You’ll be able to sustain your progress by learning when and where you can have your cake and eat it too.

Other Coaches: A boring meal plan that you can’t stick to for longer than 2-3 weeks. You feel frustrated because you can’t eat the foods your friends and family are eating so you end up restricting yourself followed by binge eating

Jay Campbell: An exercise training and life-friendly activity plan built for you. I will teach you how to maximally contract your muscle fibers and remove ego and momentum from your training. You’ll have a custom plan giving you flexibility and freedom to complete productive workouts in under 30 minutes. I guarantee if you follow the actionable training advice I provide, you will create the very best version of your physique and maintain it for as long as you live.

Other Coaches: Workout programs that are built without any experience training real people. You’ll end up getting hurt, bored or run-down following these programs that are just pulled from magazines or made up on the fly.

Jay Campbell: If you coach with me for one year and follow my instruction to the letter, I will guarantee you become the greatest version of yourself from every measurable angle. This will include full control over your mental, physical and spiritual bodies. You will become a living master in physical form capable of maintaining a state of grace and neutrality in the face of any obstacle in your path.

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Be specific—it doesn't have to be a goal related to your physical body. Anything from "lose 20 pounds" to "overcome depression" to "get ripped" is a good answer.