How to Use the World’s Strongest Nootropic-Energy Memory Focus

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

February 2nd, 2017


It’s been 3 weeks since Joshua Smith, Jim Brown and I launched Optimized Life Nutrition’s first product, Energy Memory Focus. Energy-Memory-Focus We are extremely excited about EMF’s potential in the marketplace.  And why wouldn’t we be? So far the initial user reviews of Energy Memory Focus have been absolutely stellar.

From: Rummy Dhanoa 

Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 1:52 PM

Subject: Regarding your “Optimized Life Nutrition “

To: Joshua Smith <>


First off, thank you for this great product! Man i don’t know the science beyond this but what a great Product . Quick story . 

My father in law who’s in his 60’s got his  blood test done from Chekd and had a very low testosterone level and very low energy. He doesn’t want do anything. 

I gave him 2 pills in the morning and that day he was smiling, doing things around the house, playing with his grandkids, he was tremendously focused. 

He turned around and said “Rummy, i don’t know what’s in that product but i will tell you it’s “Real Real Good” in his Indian accent LOL!

The reason I am emailing you is two things, 1)How can I/We be part of this movement and 2)how we can help you distribute Energy Memory Focus? 


 Based on initial user feedback, Energy Memory Focus is a revolutionary supplement clearly improving user’s vision, energy, mood and focus.

The Why and How of the Ingredients in Energy Memory Focus

Improving the focus, drive, energy and mood of an individual is the goal of any nootropic formula. What have we done at Optimized Life Nutrition in the formulation of EMF? We hand selected 5 ingredients based on years of trial and error, published research data and provided them in CLINICAL dosages designed to maximize the potency and effect of each in combination with one another. In other words, a perfect synergy of ingredients designed to maximize the effects of a powerful nootropic agent. Magnesium L-Threonate (MgT)– The typical American diet will lead to Magnesium deficiently throughout the body. Magnesium among other roles in the brain is involved in activation of nerve canals responsible in plasticity of synaptic pathways. Simply put MG is vital to biological process needed for learning and memory. MgT is unique in that it can cross the blood brain barrier and activate these processes. Studies have shown clearly that MgT has increased long term and short term processes vital to learning. (1) The optimal human dose has been widely accepted at 144mg and why we put that exact amount in our formula. Bacopa Monnieri (BM)BM has been used since the 6th century to sharpen mental processes. BM has been shown to improve attention, cognitive processing, and working memory partly via the suppression of AChE and MAO activity.(2) Basically AChE and MAO are enzymes that break down neurotransmitters such as dopamine and choline. An example of this would be most anti-depressants (SSRI Inhibitors are MAO inhibitors) of some type. This is also why BM has been reported to give users a better overall positive feeling. Typically Alzheimer’s drug cocktails include a AChE inhibitor. The secret is that you will find it in many formulas. However, the research studies we based our dosage on averaged to be 500mg per day from STANDARDIZED sources. More on this shortly. Rhodiola Rosea (RR)-  RR is another herb with a  very long use in human history dating back centuries where it was first used to deal with extremely harsh living conditions and stress. RR has also been demonstrated to be an effective MAO inhibitor.(3) Recent studies have shown a significant reduction in self-reported, anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and depression at 14 days and a significant improvements in total mood. (4) So besides making you feel better mentally why specifically did we include it in our formula?  Essentially more research has concluded RR will result in an improvement level of mental fatigue, involving complex perceptive and cognitive cerebral functions, such as associative thinking, short-term memory, calculation and ability of concentration, and speed of audio-visual perception. (5) What better addition to a nootropic then a compound that will help your brain deal with stress so it can be focused on the task at hand? Again we included a CLINICAL dosage of RR. L-Tyrosine-Basically L-Tyrosine is a building block of neurotransmitters. It has been clinically shown to help in periods of stress, and sleep deprivation.(6) Data has shown that L-Tyrosine may also increase working memory while performing multiple tasks.(7) Once again, we have a REAL dose of 500mg. TeaCrine®– is the trademarked version of Theacrine. TeaCrine inhibits adenosine, which decreases feelings of fatigue. It also enhances neural drive providing better focus while also supporting positive mood and heightened motivation.  TeaCrine is such a revolutionary supplement it does the following:

  • Boosts mental + physical energy*
  • Supports energy without jitters, irritability, or habituation*
  • Supports a positive mood*
  • Increases motivation to exercise*
  • Improves perceived focus + concentration*

All of these ingredients have been given to you in CLINICAL dosages based on real world data so you can have repeatable results as the studies suggest. The herbal ingredients of Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea and Theacrine have been selected as STANDARDIZED TRIPLE TRADEMARKED formulations. This means not only are you getting EXACTLY WHAT IS CLAIMED ON THE LABEL but (not some chopped leaf containing an unknown amount of active ingredient like most proprietary blend nootropic formulations) but a GUARANTEE of AUTHENTICITY with a VERIFIED amount of active ingredient in every milligram of herb. Energy-Memory-Focus-Ingredients-Optimized-Life-Nutrition

Instructions on how to Best Use Energy Memory Focus.

1. It is recommended to take your first dosage without caffeine (no caffeine 4 hours prior or 4 hours after), to see how you feel and your body responds. The product is safe to take with caffeine, however due to the strength of Enery-Memory-Focus, it is recommended to see how you feel without it for your first dose. On your second dose (second day), try with one cup of coffee and see how you feel. From there you can decide how you get the best results/feel the most focused relative to your lifestyle.

2. E-M-F is designed to take 5 days a week and 2 days off. It is recommended to take on the days you need the most mental focus/clarity. We recommend off days to ensure there is no receptor attenuation, ie getting too acclimated to the product. This also allows your body to have “OFF DAYS” to refresh.

3. There are many ways to take E-M-F. There is no right or wrong and you may need to experiment to see what works best for you.

Below are some ways our E-M-F Clients are taking the supplement and getting great results.

_Take one dose (5 capsules) with or without a cup of coffee right when you get into the Office/Work.

_Take 3 Capsules with or without a cup of coffee in the morning and 4 hours later take 2 more capsules with or without a cup of coffee. You will feel a lessor immediate effect this way, however it will sustain your focus for a longer duration and help eliminate afternoon brain fog.

_Take 2 Capsules AM, 3 hours later 2 more capsules, 3 hours later 1-2 more.  We recommend this approach for smaller people (women primarily) who are not seeking the potent strength of the full dosage all at once.

_If you are an Intermittent Faster, the product works amazingly well at 3 Caps wake up and 3 Caps Mid-Day to extend the life of your fast. It has appetite suppressing properties which go along way to improving fat loss when extending fasting window 2-3 hours more.

_If you work out in the morning or early afternoon you can take a serving dose before you work out which can help aid as a great pre-workout. (Always keep in mind,  in order to cross the blood brain barrier most effectively, taking EMF AT LEAST 30-45 minutes away from food works best.

_It is not recommended to take more than 2 full serving doses per day (10 capsules), most get amazing benefits off of one dose (5 capsules) or two dosings of 2-3 capsules spaced apart.

_It is not recommended to take E-M-F 5 hours before your bedtime as it can effect your ability to fall asleep if taken too late in the day.

_The 3 Founders of E-M-F (Jim, Jay and Joshua) all prefer to take E-M-F with a cup of regular black coffee. 

Here is a video Jay did recently on how to best use EMF.

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Memory Focus

Question: Does it replace a fat burner aka a thermogenic supplement?  Answer: It definitely can. Most thermogenic supplements on the market are designed to dull appetite and speed up resting metabolic rate. Our nootropic does both of those things.

Question: Does it dull appetite? Answer: Most people notice a slight appetite suppression. This may also be due to the enhanced focus and well being one feels allowing them to forget their need to eat.

Question: How long will a normal dosage last? Answer: Without caffeine anywhere from 3-5 hours.  Adding caffeine you should be able to get a full 6 hours per dose.

Question: How do I use it for an athletic event or performance? Answer: We would recommend taking a full dose about 60 minutes before your event or performance. This will give the ingredients enough time to cross the blood brain barrier and start to exert their effects.

Question: Can People use it to replace an Anti-Depressant? Answer: This is a question for your prescribing medical professional. One of the ingredients in Energy Memory Focus Bacopa Monnieri is similar in mechanism of action to anti-depressant medications. In no way do we recommend EMF to replace a scripted pharmaceutical medication.

Question: What is the optimal blend of caffeine to supplement with while using EMF? Answer:  Great question and one dependent on the individuals normal dosage of caffeine. Most people who drink black coffee get the equivalent of 200mgs of caffeine in their cup. So using that as a basis, adding 200mgs of caffeine about 3-4 hours post EFM dosage will ‘potentiate’ or extend the effect of EMF. For somebody who is dosing at less than the 5 cap full dosage, you could take 200mgs caffeine after first dose and then half the amount (100mgs) at second dosage. As with all supplements, individual experimentation is essential to determine what works best.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how EMF works for you.  If you have questions or feedback please contact us at

If you are interested in providing a written or video testimonial, please send an email to me:

Hopefully this article has convinced you to give EMF a try.

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Thank you for your support!


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