How to Alleviate the Potential Side Effects of Testosterone Optimization: Therapy Part 1

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

September 20th, 2018


Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) does come with potential side effects, all of which are minimal and typically easy to spot and treat. Your primary goal is to achieve the balance between your levels of testosterone and estrogen (E2) to feel good without side effects. For this reason, you should work closely with an experienced TOT physician as your body evolves. Many men have received and continue to receive ineffective care from their TOT-prescribing physicians. Often, an inability to alleviate side effects forces men to end their treatment altogether prematurely.

Frankly, there should NEVER A REASON for this to happen, primarily when you utilize the services of a progressive and experienced TOT-prescribing physician. It’s crucial to maintain ongoing and consistent blood work to understand your test results best as they change over time. Know your own body, compile your blood panel data, and do your homework to ensure your TOT is successful over an extended period. It is crucial that you keep detailed records of your blood panels to understand your test results best as they change over time.

Know your own body, compile your blood panel data, and do your homework to ensure your TOT is victorious over the long term. Take full responsibility for your therapy. Study your reactions. Take notes. Be vigilant in knowing your body and what allows it to work optimally. Remember, doctors are human beings like you and me, and sometimes they make mistakes. You are the only one who truly knows your body, so do the work, pay attention, and you’ll stay optimized.

Optimal Supporting Medications to Manage Potential Side Effects

The biggest reason why TOT doesn’t “work” is because of poor estrogen (E2) management. If so, what are the optimal supporting medications to manage potential side effects? Let’s go into depth about the side effects of out-of-range E2 (estradiol) levels, whether too high or too low. Often, it’s out of balance due to a lack of physician observation, or even an over-reliance on using AI medications that push E2 levels too low.

Therefore, it is critical for both the patient and the doctor to establish accurate baseline levels of E2 (estrogen) before starting AND while undergoing TOT. Recent studies have shown that estrogen is as vital to the male brain and sexual function as testosterone itself. Most of you probably think of estrogen as the “female hormone” and the substance that makes women “emotional.” As with anything in the human body, there are many systems of interactions at play. Estrogen is composed of three different forms, including one that plays a huge role in how men feel: estradiol (E2).

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