Energy, Memory, and Whole Lotta Focus

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

April 25th, 2017


So today I drove to a testing center to the CBEST, which is California’s basic examination to be a teacher of any kind. I did almost no studying for this test. I had heard it was easy, and my only prep was looking at some math questions before I got there. Im a pretty good test taker, so I felt confident. What I did do was take some of my boy’s Jay Campbell and Jim Brown’s EMF nootropic, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, did that help. It was a three part test with four hours to complete, and I powered through it in 90 minutes. This is me telling you now to TRY IT, because it works like nothing else.  Energy-Memory-Focus-Ingredients-Optimized-Life-Nutrition That aside, my reason for taking the test was as follows: Ive been contemplating some career changes as of late. Not the kind where Im switching fields and turning this into a bullshit marketing list for something (this is always about health) But rather, Im at a point where Im 28, I always want to go above and beyond teaching and helping people, and I had felt lately that my skills were stagnating. I felt “comfortable” with where I was at. So I took some contemplation, and I considered what area of communication I haven’t really explored. The answer? Public speaking. Now, I am VERY comfortable talking to crowds, large groups, being on camera, etc. But the vast majority of my communication skills have been honed one on one. Hence, it seemed sensible to try something where I could get experience speaking to groups and interaction. And with that line of thought, I arrived at substitute teaching. I love to teach, kids are always challenging, and it would be a way to work on a skill, get paid, and the hours would be worth a teaching credential at some point if I ever got the inclination. Plus, its just a fun time. I love the challenge of kids. I conceptualize professional skillset same as I do health; -maintain the fundamentals -challenge your body/mind regularly to keep adaptation going, and progress further. Energy-Memory-Focus-Most-Powerful-OTC-Nootropic We will see how it goes.  

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