Announcing the Launch of EMF and Optimized Life Nutrition

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

October 30th, 2016


As you know by now, my goal is to help as many men as possible attain total life optimization. What-is-Coming-TRT-Revolution I’m supremely excited to announce the launch of our new supplement company Optimized Life Nutrition with business partners Jim Brown and Joshua Smith. Our mission at Optimized Life Nutrition is to guarantee all label claims. We promise transparency and authenticity with every product as our ingredients are 100% scientifically proven and often times triple trademarked. We spend significantly more than our competitors in the manufacturing process to provide the finest quality supplements found anywhere. You will NEVER find a proprietary blend in any of our formulations. The first product we’re bringing to market (within the next 6 weeks or less) is a revolutionary nootropicOur formulation has come from years of painstaking research and self experimentation. If you are an entrepreneur or business person looking for the ultimate edge, look no further. E(energy) M(memory) F(focus) WILL CRUSH all competitors in the space.


To be one of the first EMF users on the planet, please reserve your bottle on our vip list. After a ton of requests for an audio version of the The TRT MANual, I’ve finally made it happen. The book has been recorded and my publishing house is editing it for world wide release soon via Audible.

It’s now the #1 Rated book on TRT with nearly 175 5 Star Reviews.

#1-5 STAR-Rated-TRT-MANual

I’m now on a mission to get to 250 5 Star Reviews on Amazon. To incentivize you to leave an honest review, I’m giving away Five signed Barnes and Noble Hard Copy versions of the book, Five Audio Versions of the book and Five 45 Minute Private Consultations with Jim Brown and I. (All valued at either $19.99, $29.99 or $299) To have a chance at one of those 15 great prizes, please submit your 5 STAR Review on Amazon and email me ( a screenshot once is posts. Your review doesn’t have to be lengthy- two to three sentences is more than sufficient. This contest is for NEW REVIEWS ONLY and prizes are awarded on a first come first serve basis. If you still haven’t read the book, the PDF is FREE until November 1st. Not a reader? Wait for the Audio version coming soon. To Your Ultimate Health, Jay PS. Don’t forget to reserve your spot on the vip list for EMF!

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