Biological Age: The Single Greatest Biomarker For A Long And Disease-Free Life

Biological age is a critically under-examined health marker for assessing your overall health and longevity. What gets measured gets improved, and it is mission-critical to track and optimize your biological age. After all, living longer is pointless if you are spending every waking second with chronic diseases that are ruining your quality of life. In […]

The Rocket Is Officially Re-Branded As The Phoenix!

This article is being written as an emergency status update for anybody who has purchased The Rocket and is wondering what happened to their order. Some of you have been waiting for several months and are understandably upset. I feel your pain — like yourself, I was waiting in eager anticipation to have it in […]

Peptide Medicine: The Future Of Optimized Healthcare For The Next 10 Years

Therapeutic peptides are not hard-to-access compounds which can only be used by the elite for specialized purposes. They are a revolutionary new form of medicine that can be used by anybody, no matter their age or goals. From ultimate health optimization to treating chronic diseases, there is virtually nothing they cannot treat or fix. Which […]

Estrogen Blocking: The REAL Reason Why Competitive & Amateur Bodybuilders Are Dying

Professional and Competitive Bodybuilding has to be one of the most dangerous sports in existence, and a large part of that is due to estrogen-blocking. What other sport has a 34% HIGHER death rate than the average American male? “Daniel Gwartney, MD, and colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston identified 1,578 professional male […]

How (And Why) Therapeutic Peptides Are Being Suppressed Into Non-Existence

Therapeutic peptides will be the most talked-about medical treatment in the coming decade, IF they are still around for the next 10 years from a legal and clinical perspective. Especially since they have several advantages over other forms of medication: “Therapeutic peptides have several important advantages over proteins or antibodies: they are small in size, […]

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